Monday, June 25, 2012

Sheep Camp

This past weekend, I took Edie to 4H Sheep Camp in New Haven, Vermont.  It was a fun weekend learning all about how to care for and show sheep.  The kids were great, taking care of their sheep, learning and making new friends.  Everyone was helpful and friendly.
The camp took place on Addison County Fairgrounds.  We were surrounded by beautiful rural countryside, like this:
We set our tents up in an old cow barn:

The sheep went in a barn next door.  Here's Sally and the lamb in the neighboring pen:

The kids learned about farm safety, sheep nutrition, showmanship,  blocking and fitting (getting the sheep ready to show), crafts with wool like needle felting and weaving, and the history of sheep.  Here's a photo of Edie and a friend fitting their sheep.  Edie's lamb is a Border Leicester, and her friend's lamb is a Romney.

The last day, the kids participated in a show.  They were grouped by experience.  Our friend Lydia came in second in her class.  She is second from the right in the front row:
The judge examined the sheep and looked at how the kids were able to control them and set their feet.
Here's Edie leading Sally in the ring:
And her final placement at the front of the line:
After a long weekend, Sally definitely deserved a treat!
Thank you 4H!


Cheryl said...

Looks like Edie had a great time!
You sure are a good Mom to go camping in a barn for the weekend. Love the photos.

Amy Huntington said...

Maybe we need to go out and spend a night with our sheep!

Sarah said...

This is so fun to see after hearing about it. Now I want to go to sheep camp!