Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Art from the attic

Though I didn't really find this in the attic, I did find a box of old papers and photos in a closet while I was cleaning this morning.  My mother saved some of my art from grade school, and it was fun to look.
The first piece I have included is the cover from a book about me that I did when I was 7 and 1/2 years old.
At that time, apparently I was 4'3.5" tall.  My favorite TV show was the Hardy Boys.  My favorite song was the theme to Star Wars because there was no singing.

This is what my family looked like (well, to me anyway):

When I was ten, I tried my hand at poetry.  I even did an accompanying  illustration.  Why does that cow have black sunglasses on, you ask.  Must have been the glare from the water.  I bet they're
polarized.  Look out Jack Prelutsky:

I'm not sure I can say my artistic talent was any different from any of the other kids in my class.  I think I just liked to draw a little more than they did, and spent enough time working at it to make it into my career. 


Kim Bookwriter said...

And I like your story, too! Funny AND clever!


Sarah said...

Those are wonderful and your poem is brilliant!