Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Here's a fun idea for cupcakes. We took regular cupcakes and iced the top with plain white frosting. I used a pastry bag to pipe frosting on in a mound for the nose. Once the frosting was done, I put on the ears. The ears were 1/4 of a marshmallow placed right on the frosting. I then cut junior mints in half to make a nice fat nose to put on the mound of frosting in the middle. Two chocolate chips made eyes. Presto. . . polar bears!

this middle bear is my favorite

but they all have a little bit of personality
baptisia and geranium
when our chickens lie in the garden they look like they are dying
have you ever seen anything as ridiculous as this Auracana chicken with a silly hairdo?
the clematis did survive despite my rough transplant. . .

a pretty close up of a tulip in our yard
and more tulips and some dandilions

tulips grow in the middle of our yard where there once was a garden

Thursday, June 04, 2009

I was playing with a drawing that I did for Edie's science enrichment. I wish I could do more in photoshop. . .