Saturday, January 08, 2011

Sugar Hill

So, June noticed that I didn't post my project of working on the Sugar Hill project. She's right. On January 4th, I decided that I would start writing in a journal in the voice of one of the residents of Sugar Hill. So far I have written each day with a couple of sketches as well. I will post the first page of the journal and a sketch of its author. This is a tough one to share, because I would prefer not to post the writing. Maybe I could pick a sentence from each entry and include a little sketch.I think that would work.


June said...

Aww... now I feel bad for checking up on you :o|

I did believe you were doing things - honestly. I was just eager to see them. I do admire your commitment. I couldn't make such a resolution myself as I know I would fail before I started!
I am looking forward to watching Sugar Hill develop, even if you only share the occasional progress report.

Good luck!

Liza Woodruff said...

No,no. Don't feel bad. The man who started this idea in a book he wrote said that you must record it so that you are accountable to someone and actually do it. I just was being poky about it. I am happy to know that someone is interested.

June said...

I'm here, checking in when I get time, so you can be accountable to me :o)