Friday, November 15, 2013

Top Five Reasons I Love the Library

I love our library in Charlotte, Vermont. It's a beautiful space with a diverse collection that works to meet the needs of the town's population. Beyond books our library has a lot to offer.

Here are my top five reasons why I love the library. 

  5. Our library isn't just a library, but it also acts as a community center.  It's a place where kids can come to make fairy houses, learn about reptiles, and run around outside. Adults can learn about gardening, cooking, and travel.  High Schoolers can do their homework there too.  A person could also just sit quietly and rest or enjoy the interesting artwork that's displayed.  I know that other libraries have similarly diverse offerings too. 

4. The library is the right place to come if you want to learn.  You can learn about making stone walls, mathematics, the universe, or pretty much anything.  Usually the library has something on the subject you are interested in, but if they don't, there's inter-library loan, and sometimes they'll even order a book.

3. Librarians are smart.  The librarians in our library have read A LOT.  Our children's librarian hasn't missed yet with a recommendation for my son.  I am not sure how she finds the time, but she does, and I am sure she doesn't just read books that appeal to boys because she recommends books to girls, too (of all ages). Books are what librarians love, and our librarians are interested in what a reader has liked and why. 

2. Library patrons take books back into their homes, the words within them move outside of the paper covers and into the minds and imaginations of their readers and then out into the world through discussion and action.  That's pretty cool when you think about it. 

1. Libraries are free and open to ANYONE.  You don't have to have cash in your wallet to enjoy a library. Books are for everyone!

One more thing that I love that probably fits into one of these categories somewhere is the availability of state park and museum passes.  I am not sure how many people know that you can check these passes out for free admission to many museums and parks in the area. We have used our library's passes to Shelburne Museum, The Maritime Museum, and my favorite state park, Kingsland Bay.

Go explore! 
Every library has a lot to offer.

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