Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Digital art

I am trying to paint digitally to improve color consistency between painting and printed work.  So far it has been fun to play around with new materials.  The best part about it is working with layers in photoshop. If I make a mistake, that layer can be discarded and I can start over.  I have found that I take many more risks, and the looseness of my drawings is preserved.  It gives each illustration an energy that I lose sometimes in painting in watercolor.  I hope you can see what I mean comparing the two proposed covers.

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June said...

I know just what you mean about preserving the fresh line.
Digital is good for that, and for allowing experimentation and mistakes. But I like both covers for different reasons and I guess much depends on the story's style. I notice watercolour is finding its own appreciation now-a-days in this very digital world. Maybe us 'traditionalists' will find our style in favour once again! :)