Friday, May 20, 2011

more pages

I thought I would repurpose an old Moleskine day planner of mine. I gessoed the pages and collaged this little snippet of an article about Lyme Disease for my title page.

I used a combination of gouache, pencil and pen and ink for the drawings.

On the icicles spread, I did use a glaze of medium and acryla gouache. Because the gouache is water soluble, I sprayed Crystal Clear acrylic fixative over the drawing to keep it from washing away.
You may notice that I have left a lot of white space on the spreads. This afternoon, I turned the notebook over to a friend who is also an artist. She has written some funny poems that go along with my anxiety drawings.

I hope she will have fun with my drawings and that together we will come up with something cool. No matter what the final tangible product is, I know we will both have fun getting there.

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