Monday, February 21, 2011

Two new anxieties

I have been a little lazy lately, and today feel cursed with the sleeping disease. Anyway, what I was going for in my first drawing I didn't really capture. We have a wood stove that we keep going almost constantly in the winter. It is usually pretty hot . When we have kids over, they love to run around the first floor of our house in sort of a racetrack that passes by the wood stove. I often worry that someone will trip over something and will fall, hands first, into the wood stove. Then I will have to use a spatula to get their hands off the hot surface of the stove. Yikes!
This one comes from my personal experience cross country skiing today. Thankfully we all made it back to the lodge safely.


June said...

With all these exposed 'worries' of yours, I have come to the conclusion that yours must be a very safe house to visit, as you seem to think of everything!

PS As a small child I recall putting my hand on a HOT fire quite like that wood burner. OUCH!

Liza Woodruff said...

Ha, you'll have to see my response to the Estelle's birthday comment. With all of my worries out in the open, I sound like a nut job. I do lead a normal life. These are fleeting thoughts and they made a good subject for a series of drawings. :)

Paige Keiser said...

Oh my, we sure do think alike! It takes a good imagination to come up with all these scenarios :-D I think it's one of the few downsides of being very creative. I'm a huge worry wart and can definitely relate. A couple of mine are choking alone at home and getting stuck on an elevator in the event of a power outage--no lights etc. ACK lol.